About Us

Qui & Rose Clothing Line (Q&R) is a duo of young graphic designers graduates Atlantic University College, ethical and professional entrepreneurs whose effort is aimed at creating a movement that incorporates vitality, energy, youth, good taste for fashion and positive social responsibility. In order to sensitize the masses on popular culture, dressing well and ownership without losing the human touch.

The client will appeal to our product affordable rates, superior competitive quality, unique style and accountability in the delivery. Finally, it is offered to the customer rather than a product, you will be awarded a lifestyle, an enriching experience. With every purchase we always ensure to provide optimum customer satisfaction in order to create strong and long-lasting relationship with them, “life-time customer relationship cycle.”

We plan to carry out this assignment by continuous alert ahead to anticipate, successfully, the next step in the fashion industry. Over its main intention is wrapped in community causes in order to promote a sense of belonging that mitigates more dehumanization and robotic mode in the root cause from control devices we carry every single day.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe