Policies on privacy and confidentiality of the information in this section describes what type of information collected Reusablepiece through its portal “Reusablepiece.com” on their users, that use is made of the same and that can happen with this information. At the time to create an account on the site, users agree that the use of their personal data in accordance with policies that are detailed below.

at the time to register with the Site, the user is prompted for Personal Data complete and accurate in his person, that the company will be able to confirm these data by several media,warns in the portal “Reusablepiece” that the user accepts to create your account. All the information that the site get will be treated confidentially.
It is known that at any time, any user registered on the site you can proceed to the modification and/or ask for the low and elimination of your account and personal information from the site database.
As part of the activity of the site itself, it is necessary to obtain and record information on the behavior of users within the same.
This information can include:
The URL that comes from (including the external to the site)
IP address from where the terminal is connected browser that you use
Time that stays in each of the pages of the Site
and navigation activities carried out within the Site (published notices, notices marked as favorites, notices sent to friends, etc. )

All information obtained will be treated in accordance to the policies expressed here, however, it can happen that this information is requested by judicial or legal requirement, or to be intercepted or stolen in some process of transmission or by a not-permitted access to the site database. In any of these cases the Site or the company shall not be held responsible for the information disclosed or the use of the same.

THE SITE OR THE COMPANY could use the personal data and information obtained by the behavior of the users on the site to:
establish contact with any person interested in using any service offered by the Site; studies relating to the interests and behaviors of Users;to inform users about the latest news and promotions offered by the Site and/or by its advertisers. The user may choose to not be incorporated in the lists of notifications; send information to the users according to their preferences;report on the winners of awards, promotions, contests and/ or lotteries held by the site, for which any person who participates in any of them expressly authorizes the site to disseminate the ways and means that the Site creates necessary, personal data and photographs of the winners and their families, without the right to any compensation.
Share the personal data obtained by the site for companies that contribute to enhance or facilitate the surgical or the operation of and through the Site, transport services, means of payment, insurance providers, managers, among others. Beyond that these companies or Internet sites have policies of security and confidentiality of the information that are similar to these, the site will seek to keep the privacy of the information managed by complying with the policies expressed here. However, the site is not responsible under any concept, by the abuse that these companies or
Internet sites can make this information. In the case that these companies themselves are those who obtain information complying with tasks requested by the Site (for example, developing surveys or reports, our communication prior warning about the situation), this information will be handled by the provider of the service involved, according to their own privacy policies and agreements reached with the site relating to the question; the site will provide and facilitate all the personal information about users requested by the competent authority in order to investigate and/or settle disputes arising by reason of or produced by surgical or operation of the site.

password with which the users registered in the Site log, must be maintained for the same in absolute secrecy and confidentiality and must not be supplied under any circumstances to third parties. If the user suspects that someone else knows your password, you must change them as soon as the user will be solely responsible and liable for all acts to be performed using your email and password, as referenced
in the portal “Reusablepiece”.  Among the responsibilities will include, among others, the payment of costs or respond eventually caused by the damages that other users can suffer for the reasons expressed here.

5. Cookies
The “cookie” are small files that are installed on the local hard disk with a limited duration of time in order to customize the service that the site provides to its users, as well as speeding up the navigation in the same. Through the acceptance of portal “Reusablepiece”, the user acknowledges and accepts the use of “cookies” on the part of the site. It is noted for the record that in any case the installation of “cookies” will be used for any purpose unrelated to the operation or functioning and activity of the site itself.
Without prejudice to the foregoing, allow the installation and maintenance of “cookies” on your hard drive is unique determination of the user, who can eliminate and restrict the “cookies” on your computer at the appropriate time. The way to proceed with the elimination of “cookies” depends on the browser you use. For more information you should consult your browser’s help facility.

is expressly clarified that the site does not accept, in accordance with its Privacy Policies, sending unwanted email (spam).  In the same sense, does not allow the use of their site or the information in the obtained to perform this activity. It is included in this restriction the service “Send (a warning) to a friend”, whatever that purpose is search.For the use of the service mentioned above, the site requests the name and email address of the recipient. Through this functionality, the site will send an email to the recipient. The site will use the recipient’s email only to send you this communication and follow up, and this information is not stored. To do this, the site will be sent in accordance with existing legal norms on” spam” and in accordance with the laws of Puerto Rico.
The Site reserves the right to suspend or permanently disable the accounts of users who engage in this lack and use this service with the above-mentioned purposes.

The Site cooperates with the competent authorities and with other third parties to ensure compliance with the laws, for example on the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights, unfair competition, commercial advertising, fraud prevention and other materials.
The Site may disclose the personal information that users have supplied when this is required by the judicial or governmental authorities competent for the purposes of research conducted by them, even if there is not a warrant or a summons executive or judicial, or for example (and without limitation to this course) in the case of criminal investigations, fraud or those related to software piracy or copyright infringement. In such situations, the site will collaborate with the competent authorities in order to safeguard the integrity and security of the community and that of their users. The Site may (and it is authorized by the users to do so) communicate any personal information about its users with the aim to comply with the applicable regulations and cooperate with the competent authorities to the extent that discretion it necessary
and appropriate in connection with any investigation of a illicit or a fraud, intellectual property rights infringement, unfair competition, commercial advertising or other activity that is unlawful or that can expose the Site or its users to any legal responsibility. In addition, the Site reserves the right (leaving expressly authorized to do this for each user) to communicate information about their users to other users, entities or third parties when there is sufficient reason to consider that the activity of a user is suspected of attempting or committing a crime or attempt to harm other people. This right will be used by the Site at its sole discretion when it deems appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and security of the community and that of their users, to enforce the portal “Reusablepiece” and the rules that complement and to cooperate with the implementation and enforcement of the law. This right shall be exercised by the site independently that there is not a court or administrative order to that effect.

The Site applied computer security measures according to the international standards and in compliance with the applicable law in this area and here established in relation to policies of privacy and confidentiality of the information, engaging with the confidentiality and protection of the information collected. However, beyond the effort and commitment that the Site performs in this sense, it should be aware that there is no Internet in any security system perfect and infallible. The site is working continuously to improve their system of computer security trying to protect the personal data of users for any loss or unauthorized access. In this regard, it is noted for the record that the user accepts that the Site appropriate to the international transfer of data in case if considered necessary for security issues. On the basis of the foregoing, the site is not responsible for the damages which may be occasioned by the violation of their computer security systems or by the illegal access by third parties (whether or not registered users of the site) to its databases or to the information transferred by issues relating to your activity or security issues. All users have the right and ability to access, modify, update, and delete your personal data. In the same way the user can oppose the use and treatment that is done in the same and i couldn’t ask to be informed about the management which has been made of the same, in accordance with the relevant legislation. Beyond the changes that can be performed by a user, the site will be able to maintain the personal information above for security reasons or to respond to the legal and judicial requirements that the personal information is erased in final form of the databases or systems security, by the legal and technical reasons expressed. Personal data must be kept correct, current and complete, as some of them are essential for the effectiveness of the publications of the site (for example, the contact details of the advertiser).

The Site may change at any time the terms set forth in this section and shall notify the changes to the user by posting an updated version of such policies in this section reporting the date of the last update. Within five days following the publication of the changes, the user must communicate by electronic mail to the address webmaster@Reusablepiece.com if you do not accept the same, in which case will be dissolved the contractual link. This time period has elapsed, the user shall be deemed to accept the new terms and by both the parties will continue linked.